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Carolynne Crawley

Guest Speaker


Nature connections

4:15 pm – 5:15 pm EST

Carolynne will be guiding a sensory experience to connect participants with "Nature."  Please bring something/one from Nature to the session such as a feather, stone, shell, stick, small houseplant, or even a patient animal companion who is willing to sit with you during the guided experience.

Speakers: Carolynne Crawley

About Carolynne

Carolynne Crawley, founder of Msit No’kmaq, is Mi'kmaw and also has Black and Irish ancestry and is from Mi’kma’ki territory, also known today as Nova Scotia.  She is dedicated to social and environmental justice and supporting Indigenous led community work related to food sovereignty and food security. Carolynne is passionate about reconnecting people with the land, waters, and all beings as there is no separation between us.  From many Indigenous perspectives around the Earth they are all our relations to be treated with as much love, respect, and reciprocity as we do with our human loved ones. Carolynne leads workshops that support the development and strengthening of healthy and reciprocal relationships based upon Indigenous knowledges that decolonize and Indigenize existing interactions with the land and with each other.  She also shares Indigenous life ways such as bird language and harvesting ‘wild’ foods and medicines from the land. 

Carolynne is also a certified Forest Therapy Guide, a Blanket Exercise Facilitator, a Holistic Nutritionist, Storyteller, a Co-Producer of the documentary Reckoning with the Wendigo, and a member of the Tkaronto Indigenous Land Stewardship Circle.  She has worked as a CYW for twenty years and has been working in food security for more than ten years.  She currently works with Canada's largest food security organization as the Indigenous Network & Knowledge Sharing Senior Specialist. Carolynne can be found speaking at events that center around social, food, and environmental justice. 

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