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Perry McLeod-Shabogesic


About Perry

Perry McLeod-Shabogesic of the "Crane Clan" is an Ojibway Anishinabe from N'biising (Nipissing) First Nation (NFN). He is the Manager of Cultural Services for the “Niinjaansinaanik Child & Family Services. He is an Elder/Helper/Resource Person for our Member First Nations of Wasauksing, Shawanaga, Magnetawan, Henvey, Dokis and Wahnapitae First Nations. In this role he has been assisting Children & families and First Nation staff in the area of traditional medicine, teachings, ceremonies and workshops. Perry also acts in an advisory capacity to other organizations and First Nations in the area of cultural and traditional development.

Perry’s spirit name is "Anzoked", which means "Story Teller" in Anishinabemowin.  He is a “Helper/Oshkabewis” of the Anishinabek Nation Eagle Staff & Bundle.  He is also a recognized Traditional Helper/Oshkabewis/Pipe Carrier assisting and facilitating ceremonies and traditional activities such as sharing circles, pipe ceremonies, sweats, medicine wheel teachings, western door/funeral ceremonies/teachings, medicine walks/workshops, traditional art, harvesting game & wild medicines and one on one or group counseling for individuals and families upon request.

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