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Jess Bolduc

Guest Speaker


Facilitation Workshop

1:30 pm – 4:00 pm EST

In this session Jess and Danait from 4Rs Youth Movement will invite guests to look at facilitating through the lens of hospitality and will offer a breakdown on the Four-fold practice, a framework for facilitating that Jess often brings into her practice as a facilitator. They will talk about their facilitation crushes, and teachers, and share favorite tools and tricks, as well as some basic ingredients that every facilitator should have in their toolbox.

"Most of our work as facilitators is to notice and acknowledge each other's gifts and make an invitation to that person, to that group, to that community to keep giving those gifts. And that is the moment that facilitation becomes about building communities of love and appreciation, and communities of hope." - Jess 

Speakers: Jess Bolduc and Danait Mehreteab

About Jess

Jess Bolduc (she/her) is Anishinaabe-French from Batchewana First Nation, with family ties to Garden River and northern Ontario, currently living in Baawating (Sault Ste. Marie, ON). Through 4Rs Youth Movement, Jess has traveled across Turtle Island and internationally, in order to learn about the conditions that might be necessary for communities to shift and transform complex systems through dialogue and strategic action. Through these experiences, she has built up a community of mentors within the community development, arts, inclusion and racial justice communities. Her training with the Art of Hosting global network of facilitation, Inclusion Network and the Detroit Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute, have been most profound in terms of giving her the space to learn, heal and grow as a facilitator and Anishinaabe kwe.   

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