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Mitch White

Guest Speaker


Amplifying Indigenous Voices

12:45 pm – 1:15 pm EST

The session will look at how Indigenous youth can integrate Indigenous world views in the digital world. How can Indigenous youth use social media and other platforms to tell their stories, uplift other Indigenous communities' stories and connect during the pandemic    

Speakers: Kairyn Potts, Jody Lerat, Mitchell White

About Mitch

Nunatsiavimmiuk Mitch (he/him) White’s journey has been one of a storyteller, as a journalist and within Indigenous policy and industry on a local, regional, national, and international level.  

That journey has taken him to almost every corner of the Arctic by air, sea and ice, including most communities in Inuit Nunangat. An expedition to Antarctica gives him bi-polar status.   

He also jumped at opportunities to serve as the Youth Representative on the Nunatsiavut Transitional Government, a Councillor on the Nain Inuit Community Government, and on the boards of APTN, Canadian Roots Exchange, and Arctic 360 (current).

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