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Vanessa Nicholson

Guest Speaker

About Vanessa

Vanessa Nicholson is a mixed Anishinaabe counsellor, researcher, and helper. She is a member of Sagamok Anishnawbek and has an undergraduate degree in Forensic Psychology and a Master’s in Child and Youth Care (CYC).Growing up disconnected from her community, Vanessa has used her educational and personal journey as a method to explore her culture and identity. Vanessa currently works for a non-profit organization called Finding Our Power Together as the Building Our Bundle Program Coordinator and Mentor. As well, Vanessa works to support the emotional and social growth of students as a Counsellor at kapapamahchakwew- Wandering Spirit School with the TDSB. 

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Building Community Relationships

4:15 pm – 5:15 pm EST

Learn and hear stories from non-profits and grassroots organizations on their success and challenges of building community relationships and outreach/engagement strategies.

Speakers: Daniel Hidalgo, Trevor White Grass, Vanessa Nicholson

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